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Modelling is a career that comes with its own unique set of challenges and rewards. The industry is cut-throat, the standards are higher than ever in today’s world of modelling and there are thousands chasing the dream of becoming the next top model. It’s certainly not all about looks, your Attitude, perseverance, and drive will make a big difference and help towards building you a career in the industry. Becoming a successful model doesn’t come at a drop of a hat, it is a full-time grind which includes a lot of practice, persistence, and guidance from your agency.

Before starting out, establishing which type of clients are best suited for you is essential, whether that be high fashion or commercial clients. The Savalas team will help you understand which clients would be most suited to you based on your own uniqueness and will give you guidance accordingly. It’s crucial to maintain great communication with your agency, they will be the ones making those endless calls and numerous emails to clients, securing all the right castings to kick-start & maintain your modelling career. As a model, it’s important to look after your health and well being as clients want to see that you look after and take pride in yourself. A healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise are key to helping you stay fit, feeling your best self and maintain great skin and a good amount of energy for those occasional late nights and super early starts.


If you are an aspiring model who is brand new to the industry, chances are, you don’t have a portfolio just yet, and we’re not expecting you to either. Don’t be fooled by the ‘model bootcamp’ companies promising professional portfolios and head shots at an eye-watering price, these amount to no use to yourself or the agency to use towards building your profile. During the application process at Savalas, all we require to see are well-lit, natural, makeup-free shots taken by a family member or friend. A smartphone will do the trick!

If successful after the application process, your booker will work with you towards building a strong portfolio and send you to reputable photographers who work closely with the agency. Your booker will have the task of picking the right images for your book that clients will respond to. Having a book that will contain prints of your best model assignment’s to date is what we like to class as your CV.

A model or ‘composite’ card should be seen as your business card. It will contain all the right information such as your name, measurements, photos, and the agency’s contactable information. Your model card is to remind clients who you are and know who to contact should you get the job.


Whilst in the early stages of your career, you must attend every meeting, go-see and casting your booker arranges for you. These should be seen as opportunities not to be missed. Castings are essentially job interviews for models and should be treated as such. It is your own responsibility to prepare yourself for a casting, ensuring you are well-groomed and arrive promptly with your portfolio and model cards. Just like job interviews, you are not paid for your time nor are your travel expenses covered when casting, as the client is giving you the opportunity to earn money with their company.
First impressions when meeting all of the agency’s clients are crucial, this means having a positive and professional attitude towards your role as a model and as an ambassador of Savalas.

No matter who you are, you’ll have a hard time getting jobs without being polite, professional and memorable, the way you present yourself when casting could be a deal-breaker. During busy times in the fashion calendar, clients can sometimes see hundreds of models in a day, so make your time with them memorable. There is a zero-tolerance towards lateness to castings in the industry and circumstances out of your control which may lead to you not arriving on time must be communicated with your booker.


Any aspiring model under the age of 18 must have parental consent before submitting their application or attending one of our open calls and before starting their modeling career with Savalas. The parent or guardian will be asked to accompany the applicant to their first meeting at the agency. It is important that school studies/further education are not interrupted, therefore, communication between home and the agency is a priority. Our bookers will only confirm a model for any assignment with the parent or guardian permission. We advise taking school/college/university work with you when working, as long-distance traveling can be an opportunity for the model to revise and get caught up with their work.


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Aspiring models can drop by the agency without an appointment at the following dates and times below.
Please note, parental consent is required for anyone under the age of 18 looking to start a modelling career. Savalas Models represent models who are 16+.
Appointments for 15 year olds can be arranged with a parent/guardian present and we advise should also get in touch on behalf of the applicant.


Monday from 1 – 3pm


Baltic 39, Studio 8, Level 2, 39 High Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1EW